Making Sure Your Website Looks Great Across Devices

You’re sitting on the couch and need to look up the best places to book a dinner reservation. Do you go grab your laptop or pull out your phone to look it up? If you’re like most people, you pull out your phone to look it up. Your...

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Getting Clear On Business Building Webpages

TranscriptHave you ever sat down to build a new page on your website, maybe even redo your website? And you just feel lost and you don’t know where to start? So today I want to talk about 3 key things to keep in mind when building any webpage.The first...

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Spending Time On The Important Things

John wants you to run to marketing and give an ad spend update. Jim wants you to finish that main page design. Gabrielle needs some help with a customer. You know you need to work on that blog post you've been putting off. Sound a bit overwhelming? How do...

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Setting And Keeping Your Goals

All the self help gurus from Grant Cardone to Tony Robbins all talk about how important goals are to your success and growth. Like most, every year I would set goals, usually around New Years, and then a month or two later I’d be back on the couch eating...

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11 Things to Consider When Planning Your Website

When you think about building your website, we all get excited about how everything will look. We start thinking about the layout of the homepage maybe adding a contact page. Should I have a blog? I’ll just add a page on this product. Maybe I’ll add a page...

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How To Build A Website

Why You Should Build A Website Whether you are a business, someone who wants to share their message with the world, or you’re hoping to make some passive side income you need to move online. Everything is online. As of 2016, 80% of Americans buy online at least once a...

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SEO Basics Part 1

Google, the phone book of the internet.  Ranking in the first page of google can have a drastic effect on your web traffic. Bringing you from a few visitors a month to thousands but it’s not as easy as registering with Google and showing up on the main page. Google’s...

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Planning A Homepage Checklist

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5 Common Issues Most Websites Have And How To Fix Them

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