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Get Your Planning A Homepage Checklist


Have you ever sat down to build a new page on your website, maybe even redo your website? And you just feel lost and you don’t know where to start? So today I want to talk about 3 key things to keep in mind when building any webpage.

The first thing to keep in mind is your goals and your audience’s goals. What do you want out of that page? Is this just supposed to be an informational page on a product, maybe on the company? Is this a sales page, are you trying to push people to a sale? Is it an upper marketing funnel page, so is it more informational? Are you trying to push someone to maybe a mid-funnel product to keep the relationship on going? Is it something you’re just looking to build a relationship with your customer with? Anyway, really keep in mind what your goal is for that page and if it is to get contacts maybe give them something for free, informational products, anything like that. Really keep that goal in the back of your mind while you’re planning the page and make sure you funnel people towards whatever that goal is. Whether it’s pushing them to the contact page, a booking page, whatever that may be. The other thing to keep in mind when planning your webpage is your audience goals. So why are they coming to your site? Are they looking for more information on you and your company, your services? Are they going there just to maybe get information, maybe help them get started on their own so that you can eventually push them to your services? What is their goal? What are they looking for on your page? So that’s another thing to keep in mind.

The second main thing to keep in mind is your design. So don’t get overwhelmed with design, there’s a ton of different methodology out there. Keep it clean, keep it concise, don’t let it get overwhelming. You don’t want to have a hundred links on a page and no one’s going to know where to go, they’re going to get overwhelmed and leave. You want to keep it clear and goal focused. So orientated around your goal. Maybe consider hiding your nav bar until you scroll down the page a bit just really keep that top of the page clean. The other thing is even your nav bar, do you need one? Do you need a link to every page on your site?

The third thing to think about when planning your webpage is tracking. How are you going to know what’s working? How are you going to know what people are visiting? How are you going to know what to focus on? Where to work on? Where to rebuild? So you can use tools like Google Analytics, Mixed Panel, there are tons of tools out there, Crazy Egg. And they just help you see what people are using on your site, where they’re going. If you do have a goal, what pages are funnelling them towards that goal? You can get all of that information from an analytics package. And then what that lets you do is replan other pages, rebuild pages, see what pages are working, see what people are actually using on your site and build more of that.

So those are the key things to think about when planning a new webpage. I’ve put together a free resource for you, it’s called the planning a homepage checklist but it’s really for any webpage and it’s just the key things to think about when you’re planning a webpage and should really help you get a clear plan and act on it. And so if you want to get that, you just click the link below, then get your copy and start building your page.

Get Your Planning A Homepage Checklist