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How We Started

Have you thought that you need to  bring your business online but are worried about doing it right, the time commitment to get things up and running, maybe you’ve tried to build your site yourself but can’t seem to get it right or aren’y sure where to start?

In a previous life, I started my first business selling email campaign services to dentists.

After calling and emailing and calling and emailing hundreds of dentists , I realized a few things.

  1. I am a nervous wreck on a cold call.
  2. The power of building relationships.
  3. I needed a way to make myself reputable.

After many prospective clients tried to look me up online only to find a construction page, they’d forget about me. There was no easy way for me to keep the interaction with them to change their image of me from “some nervous guy on the phone” to someone that they feel they can trust and want to do business with.

A website is a key piece in your branding. Helping you build relationships with your audience. A website on it’s own won’t build your business from the ground up but it is a place to:

  • Build a relationship with your customers. After all it can take 6-8 touches to convert a lead into a customer.
  • Sell products or services. Why make yourself the bottleneck in your sales process? Leverage your website to help automate sales, sit back and watch customers buy.
  • Teach prospects about you and your business. Let them understand what motivates and feel that much closer to you.
  • Build an online following. Share information about your industry and build it up, helping make you a thought leader in your space.

Bring Your Business Online

DLM was looking to bring their business online to share recent product arrivals and seasonal products. But they knew they wanted more out of their website. Every week they’d waste time tracking down old customer invoices and emailing them out to customers that had seemed to misplaced them.

Now a customer area is built out on their site. After they make an invoice it automatically uploads to that customer’s area. Customers can look up all their past invoices quickly and easily while engaging with the DLM brand.

The People We Work With

People that will want an SM Web website:

  • Small business owners looking to move online
  • Individuals trying to get their message across or their story and build a personal brand
  • People looking to automate repetitive parts of their business and free up their time
  • People looking for more out of their website
  • People and business’ who want to have a professional image
  • People of business’ who want to build a relationship with their audience and customers
  • People trying to test and validate  new business ideas
  • People that want a responsive website that looks good on your phone as well as your computer

People that should not get an SM Web Website:

  • People that want their website to be a band aid for a misplanned business model
  • People that think they’ll put up a website and magically start making money without a business plan or model
  • People who want their entire site to be click bait without any real content or value (We all know you with your fake “Download Now” buttons)

Work With Us

You Can Have A Professional Website 

  • Even if you think a computer mouse needs water and food
  • Even if you feel lost online and don’t know where to start
  • Even if you are overwhelmed by all the website tutorials
  • Even if you don’t think you can manage your website on your own
  • Even if you are on a tight budget
We build professionally crafted websites to meet your goals. We help you plan and build out your website with your goals in mind. We don’t leave you high and dry at the end. We teach you to run your website so you’re comfortable changing content or updating your products.

You can move your brand online and start building customer relationships online.

Wouldn’t you want to open your business and brand up to a bigger market, have more engaged customers and build a place where you can simplify your day to day?


What to Expect

After you reach out to us, we’ll schedule a call to talk through exactly what you need and work out a website plan that fits your budget and your business goals. You’ll be on your way to changing the way you interact with your customers and market your business.
If you don’t reach out, you’ll lose out on the online market and continue losing time every week working through repetitious tasks.

I look forward to seeing where we can help you grow.



Spencer Mortenson
SM Web Development