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RV Mobile

Website Requirements

Rv Mobile wanted an updated look and feel for their website. They wanted to funnel visitors towards their parts and services pages. With the addition of a RV rental affiliate, they also wanted to showcase their new partner on their website.

The website need to look clean and be a functional tool in their marketing and sales plan.

Website Approach

The homepage is specialty designed to funnel through their service offerings as well as provide more information on RV Mobile. When the website is first loaded the navigation bar is hidden and the parts and service offerings are showcased more directly. Once you scroll down a functional navigation bar appears to easily navigate through the site.

A featured product section is added to highlight showcase or high demand products. A custom email link is attached to each product page to get more information which adds the product description to the subject line so RV Mobile knows which product you are inquiring about.

Testimonials are added to show social proof and a resources section is added to aid in future search rankings.


The website has recently gone live. Stay tuned for the results.