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DLM Distributors

Website Requirements

DLM Distributors is an Edmonton based food distributor specializing in refrigerated products. They wanted somewhere to house school flyers for the upcoming years, showcase featured products and build awareness for their brand.  In addition, they would frequently be called for invoice information or pricing and would spend hours every week filling these requests.

Pars Real Estate Group was looking for a great looking website to showcase their real estate group. They wanted to showcase their properties, and use the site as a tool to bring in more clients. The website had to be mobile response and had to show listings.

Website Approach

For DLM, we had laid out a website that would include a customer portal to allow customers to access past invoices and pricing information. This will allow existing customers to view information related to their account online, saving DLM time in supplying pricing and invoicing information over email and phone.

To keep schools up to date on specials for that school year, a school flyer page was added. The flyers are hosted on the website and linked to the page. This allows DLM to send out marketing emails linking back to the current school flyers.


DLM is saving time each and every week by having their invoices and pricing available online.