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Website Care Plans

Let Us Take Care Of Your Website, So You Can Run Your Business

Learning to run your website can be overwhelming, especially when it’s thrown on top of running a business. Then your website is hacked from a vulnerability caused by outdated software and suddenly you’re selling some little blue pills you don’t remember stocking.

What if you could have your website professionally managed and never have to worry about it again?

That’s where website care plan comes in. We take care of your website so you can get back to running your business. The best part, we have plans to cover all your needs.

  • Never deal with a hosting company again
  • Protect yourself from hackers, no more blue pill banners showing up randomly on your site
  • Never worry about losing your website, with daily backups
  • We monitor your website to make sure everything is up to date and running smoothly
  • Don’t hurt your Google ranking with broken links
  • Don’t waste time figuring out how to change some text on your homepage, with small projects, we make changes and updates for you
  • Know your visitors with analytics reporting
  • Know when your website goes down with uptime monitoring

The best part, we have plans to fit your budget. When you’re on one of our care plans, you only have to worry about your domain renewal. We got the rest covered.* If you are ever unhappy, you can cancel at any time.

Lite Plan

If you are comfortable updating your website content but want a little help managing the software side of your website, this is the right plan. It includes basic security measures to keep your site secure, daily backups (just in case), basic visitor reporting, basic uptime monitoring and of course we take care of hosting and updating your website.

Basic Plan

If you are planning on making small adjustments to your website each month but want some support doing them or if you want a more comprehensive security and uptime monitoring solution, this is the right plan.Everything from basic plus a few extras. Speed and performance monitoring, more advanced and comprehensive security (we will set up a firewall to keep hackers out of your site), more advanced, multi-location uptime monitoring, faster hosting (leverage the power of a worldwide network of servers to deliver your content) and you’ll get 5 small projects a month**. We will do any update or change to your site as long as it is a small project (<=30mins).

Professional Plan

If you are a larger business and want a more comprehensive and hands-off solution, this is the plan for you. Everything from basic but adds on unlimited small projects and we will cover the cost of your any custom plugin renewals*.


All our plans on SM Web Development built websites includes the cost your base theme renewal, hosting.

*We will cover plugin and theme expenses but some websites have more cost associated with software renewals. It addition, some websites with higher functionality or higher traffic load will require more server resources. We try our best to fit you into our plans but for these reasons, we reserve the right to offer you adjusted pricing.

**Small projects do not accumulate. They reset each month. Each one can be used for a 30 mins task but you can’t use 5 blocks for a 2.5 hours task.

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